Ski Lifts
0 / 7
  • Summit T-Bar
  • Hut Run Platter
  • Painted T-Bar
  • Tank Hill Platter
  • Maltese Cross T-Bar
  • Magic Carpet
  • Big Hill Carpet
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Ski Runs
0 / 17
  • Summit Run
  • West Wood Run
  • Painted Run
  • Hut Run Tower 3.5
  • Old Hut Run
  • Tank Hill Run
  • Home Run
  • Big Hill West Run
  • Playground
  • Ridge Run
  • Drops on the Rocks Run
  • Bombadier Run
  • Maltese Cross Run
  • Slam Dunk Run
  • Champage Run
  • La Descente Run
  • Slalom Run
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Toboggan & Terrain Parks
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  • Frosti Hollow Toboggan Park
  • Frosti Frog Magic Carpet
  • Big Hill Toboggan Run
  • Tank Hill Terrain Park
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Cross Country Trails
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  • Beech Trail
  • Latrobe Trail
  • Village Trail West
  • Summit Trail
  • Tanjil Link
  • Village Trail East
  • Muellers Trail
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Road Conditions

Resort Entry Road
Resort Entry must be paid in advance. Book online.
Tourist Rd (from Tanjil Bren)
Watch for oncoming traffic - Snow may fall below Resort Entry
South Face Road
Unsealed. Tree fall may occur during and after heavy winds. Take care.

Snow chains must be carried at all times during the declared snow season (June - October) and fitted if if conditions require. Penalties apply for non-compliance.


Daily Snow Report​ - 13/07/2020 6am

Today is the first day of our new operation plan.

This means that we currently are not operating ski lifts or ares including the toboggan park. 

We have received 12cm of snow through the night. This unfortunatly was followed by rain this morning. 


For further Information please see our website or contact our Guest Services Team 

Have a great day! 

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